Why soldiers “serve.”

If you’re not a Soldier (Marine, Airman, or Sailor), or are close to someone who is, chances are that you have the wrong idea about them. Memorial day approaches, and everyone is gonna thank a vet. “Thank you for your service,” they’ll say, sincerely. Almost without exception, every time I’m in uniform, a civilian will … Continue reading

Orange Crush, Black Trash, and the Sanitary White Savanahians

Today I logged onto facebook and saw four posts by friends from Savannah concerning the trash left on the Tybee beach after the annual Orange Crush party. I was impressed to see the concern my friends have for the cleanliness of the beach. I don’t have many Savannah friends on FB, and to see four … Continue reading

TV drama and real life politics.

Have you ever watched a television series? Of course you have. A while back I got Netflix and started watched the entire series of Lost. After that I moved on to Heros, and currently I’m watching the ridiculous Prison Break. At the end of every episode, you’re left with a cliffhanger. Typically, each subsequent episode … Continue reading

For the Love of God! A memoir of Army Basic Training? is PUBLISHED!!!

The time has finally arrived! My first book is published, and widely available! People have asked me “aren’t you so excited?” In a word, yes, but not quite like you would think. Or like I would have thought. I’m independently published. All books are starting to head this way. Soon enough, few, if any books … Continue reading

Black Friday shopping?

Is this what we’re all about, America? Sadly, I think the answer is “yes.” These people are fighting over bedsheets. What does this mean? Where is the dignity in this? Do we shop in those circumstances because we’re that poor that we need to save money that badly? The fact is that the best deals, … Continue reading

Humanity, Love

This is a short documentary about a man who has to put his dog down. I’ll tell you, if you watch it it’ll fuck you up. What’s so moving about this isn’t that a cool dog dies, but the reaction of his owner. “I want to be the man, I wanna be “I can just … Continue reading

Khadafi and the death penalty. What do they have to do with ego and porn?

I recently happened upon a video of Khadafi’s last moments. I’m a little surprised that You Tube would allow that sort of thing on their site. I thought I was going to see a video of people marching passed his body that was set on display, but no. The video was literally of his last … Continue reading

One Man’s Junk audio book coming.

I will also soon release an audio version of One Man’s Junk. It is my smooth, suave voice narrating, so it will surely excite! It will be available for purchase at … via the internet … sooner or later. So get out ya Walkmans, I’ma tell you a story!

Takes money to make money. Also takes money to lose money.

Soon the cover for For the Love of God! will be finished. I can’t wait to show you all! Also, incase you didn’t know, the book will be available on Amazon as an e-book, but there will also be a print version. Yes, a real book that you can hold, smell, write in, loan out … Continue reading

Singularity and its vast implications.

Our technology is increasing very rapidly. Tomorrow it will be increasing faster, and the day after that, still faster. Technology is very literally increasing at an exponential rate. And it’s not going to stop. Ray Kurzweil, an inventor, predicts that within forty years computers will achieve self-awareness, consciousness. This prediction isn’t too hard to believe. … Continue reading