For the Love of God! now in college?

Many authors, ok, ok, all authors can say they’ve sold more books than me. But! Not many of them can say an academic paper has been written about their book. Allison Velez, a student at West Chester University, did For the Love of God! a great honor by completing a literary analysis on the book. … Continue reading

For The Love Of God! Ch 1 pt3

Once we arrived back at the reception battalion building, they started issuing us our uniforms. The army is a very efficient operation. Well, at times anyway. This was one of those times. Getting our BDUs (battle dress uniforms) and every other article of clothing worked very much like an assembly line. We started at one … Continue reading

For The Love Of God! chapter 1 pt1

Chapter 1 “In her hair she wore a yellow ribbon. She wore it for that soldier who was far, far away.” “It’s a grim world, kid, and for you, it’s about to get a lot worse”—that’s what recruiters should tell you when you sign up. Instead, they simply tell you that it’s going to be … Continue reading

For The Love Of God! pt1 copyright 2009, Damon Ortt

For the Love of God! A Memoir of Army Basic Training Prologue Other kids called the game “War” or “Army,” but we just called it “Guns.” We drew our inspiration from the Saturday-morning cartoon G.I. Joe; as soon as it was over, we would don our darkest Rustler jeans and greenest T-shirts, grab our toy … Continue reading