We need a new theme in life.

At my current age of 36, I find myself thinking about what may be said in the history books of the time I lived. I don’t mean my personal life, but the time frame it which I’ve lived it. For example, the forties were marked by “the greatest generation” and the second world war. The mid 19th and early 20th centuries were marked by the industrial age and the end of slavery. Before that was essentially the birth of the U.S. I need to say no more about those times because we know what they were marked by.

So, in the same way, I think about the time we’re in, and what it’s marked by. It seems that this generation will spend most of its global consciousness thinking about terrorism and climate change. If we could travel to the future and read what the history books will say about us, I believe those will be the themes. To live in it, though, is getting kind of old.

It’s in some ways disappointing to realize that this is the theme of our respective youths, the theme of our adulthood, and probably the theme of our old age.

One night, as I smoked on my back deck and read the news on my phone, I realized that, for the rest of our lives, we’ll be talking about wars in the middle east, terrorism on the home front, racial inequality, the price of oil, global warming, and major league sports.

By and large, September 11, 2001 defined our era, and after 14 years, I’m quite tired of it.

People fighting in desert places is as appealing as the crunch of sand in your mashed potatoes: just a bunch of noise and no flavor; sadly, one can become used to it.

Hearing about the pitiful attempts to curb global warming has only become banter, much like the talk of quitting smoking. We should be ashamed. Or not. It doesn’t matter.

Racism is so old and should be over by now, but it’s ever-present, and I’m bored with it. Can we do something different now?

Terrorism: It’s lost its appeal and we’ve said all that is to be said about it. But we keep saying it. Let’s move on.

Oil: fuck! We didn’t even used to talk about it and now we look at the digital price boards like we’re waiting to see Jesus float out of the clouds. Neither is coming down, but that’s what we’ll be remembered as pining for.

Sports: Let’s face it, it’s really a perpetual re-run on prime-time television. We could find finer pastimes, but aspiring to greatness is best left in the hands of the pros, I guess.

Just like even a favorite song gets old, we need a new theme.


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