On Ferguson

I’m guilty of idealism. I presumed that racism was a thing that stood on the margins of our society. Now, with the events in Ferguson MO, I see that I was wrong. People who are close to me post things on Facebook that make this apparent. The problem is that they think they’re just being honest, or logical, not knowing that their opinions are more representative of ignorance and bias than fairness.

I’ve seen posters with Darren Wilson’s picture and the inscription, “Wanted Dead” on it. They talk about how the system is broken, but call for renegade justice. Renegade justice is not a fix of the system, but a complete abandonment of it. I loathe the many wrongs the police have committed in recent years, but I’m not foolish enough to wish we could disregard their purpose. Those who call for the murder of anyone are simply wrong. Those who call for the murder of someone without being willing to commit the crime themselves are cowardly, insincere and despicable. If this is you, you are part of what’s wrong with this country. Be ashamed of yourselves.

There’s so much talk about “them,” the people who are looting and vandalizing in Ferguson. Of course, it’s understood that “them” refers to black people. What is missed in the judgment, however, is the fact that white people are right there doing the same thing. To be specific, just an hour ago I saw a video of a racially mixed group of people trying to tear down a fence in order to gain access to an interstate where, presumably, they were planning on stopping traffic. The actual events transpiring did not begin as a racial, and they do not continue as racial. Anyone who thinks “they” are solely responsible have exposed themselves as subliminally racist and ignorant.

Nonetheless, the vandalism in Ferguson is wasteful both to property as well as the cause for which the vandalism is supposedly taking place. It helps nothing and only breeds more ignorance from people of all races like filthy rats attracting more filthy rats.

Be certain that those who are burning buildings down, looting and in general causing mayhem do not give more than a cursory shit about Michael Brown. They do not represent Michael Brown, or the cause of justice. They do not represent the righteous anger that should be sweeping across the nation. They represent low class opportunists who have descended into humans’ base, animalistic nature. And simply because they think they have an excuse.

People are taking sides as if they have some insider, factual knowledge about what happened. No one can know for certain exactly what happened on that day that Brown was killed by Wilson. Here’s where I step into opinion, but I think it’s based in reason: A young asshole robbed a store by means of intimidation. He and a friend walked down a street. Another asshole with a gun and a badge told them to get out of the street. The young asshole said something he shouldn’t have to an asshole with a gun and a badge. Instead of de-escalating the situation, the asshole with a gun and a badge made it worse. The young asshole proved himself to be rather stupid by punching the asshole with a gun and a badge in the face. Not to be outdone, the asshole with a gun and a badge killed the young asshole.

I’m not saying that what happened was right. I’m saying that it was predictable. Again, this is just conjecture, but maybe the parents should have taught the young asshole that he should know when he’s beat, know to give respect where due (respect is due at least when an asshole has a loaded weapon and you don’t). Maybe the parents of the asshole with the gun should have taught their son to have higher self-esteem. Maybe the police academy should have taught him that showing respect is the best way to get it – that authority is false when all you have to back it up is a bullet.



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