Can you pay off karma in advance?

I write this from my phone while in bed because its just too dangerous to go to the computer. I swear, I’m normally a pretty graceful person, but let me tell you about Thursday night, and Sunday night.
Thursday, as I was getting ready for bed in a shelter on the Appalachian Trail, I realized I broke my nook while hiking. No big deal. I just decided to go to bed without reading. I blew some air into my camel back and used it as a pillow. As I lay there thankful for having shelter in the event of rain, I realize my camel.back is leaking all over me, my sleeping mat, and my sleeping bag. I jump up to mitigate this unfortunate event thinking how retarded it is that I am able to get wet in spite of being in a shelter with a roof. As I’m wiping away the water from my mat, I knock my phone off of the platform. The floor was concrete, and it was a three foot drop, so I was fortunate that it didn’t smash to pieces. BUT, it didn’t smash to pieces because it fell into the only six inch spot that was occupied by my dog’s FULL water bowl. I was able to snatch it out in time, however, before it was destroyed. The next morning I go to start my little camp stove to make breakfast, and my lighter is out of fluid. Damn it!
Today, Sunday, I happened to be outside when my neighbor, Dan, came out with his daughters. They were going to go for a walk down to the park by the creek. Out of character for me, I joined them. We got to the park and the girls and Dan were walking in the creek. I didn’t go in because I had sneakers on, and didn’t want them wet. But after a few minutes, the younger girl wanted help getting to a large boulder. So I took off my shoes to help her get there. I wind up slicing my foot open on something very sharp, netting me eight stitches for two weeks. And crutches. Later that night (tonight) I leaned my.crutches against the counter.while I poured myself a glass.of milk. As I’m putting the milk.back in the fridge, one crutch falls over and breaks the glass. I tried to catch the glass, but succeeded only in cutting my thumb. I’ve never bled so.much in one day.
So, its been a series of bizarre, unusual actions of mine that have landed me in my bed afraid to move. It’s funny to reflect on the little decisions I’ve made that created this collection of mishaps and blood letting. I may dub it the domino effect. Each accident began with a decision to do something that’s far out of the norm for me. Can anyone explain this?
P.S. The anesthetic on my foot is wearing off, and my foot hurts like hell now.


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