Gun Control, sure. Gun ban? Hell no!

I’ve decided to weigh in on the gun control debate. I just watched a video on with two gun owners debating the issue. The debate has gained new steam due to the Aurora, CO shooting, and everyone is up in arms, (like that pun?) about their beliefs with new fervor. One of the men in the video has guns, but wishes he didn’t have to. The other guy says that if there was an armed citizen in the theatre, the tragedy would have been much less in severity. He’s right. He’s absolutely right.

Imagine that, let’s say, 5% of American citizens exercised their right to carry a concealed weapon, and that the people in that theatre were a representation of the national average of gun carriers (5%), there would be at least  10 people with a pistol. It’s inconceivable that 12 people would have been killed, and way less than 50 people would have been injured. Collateral damage is possible, yes, but collateral damage would still have  been far less than the number killed by intent.

People who go crazy and start shooting otherse are inherently cowards. They always choose the easiest targets. Do you ever hear of a gunman going crazy and picking a fight with police? No. Therefore, as we saw in the recent attempted robbery of the internet cafe in Ocala, Fl, if even one person opens fire in defense, the criminals run. What if the gunman doesn’t run? Then the gunman must necessarily engage the citizen shooting at him, thereby allowing the defenseless time to take cover, or run.

So, if crazed gunmen almost exclusively open fire on the defenseless, it logically follows that if they’re aware that 5% of the people in the room will fire back, they must reconsider their plans. Either way you cut it, armed citizens are either a defense, or a discouragement to random acts of violence.

I agree that the country would be a safer place if there were no guns. But the fact of the matter is that, because our country has had guns for so long, it’s not even close to feasible to expect the whole country to disarm. It’s true: if guns are illegal, only criminals will have them.

Tell me, how would it even be possible to ban guns in the United States? Even hand guns? Will everyone say “well, ok then, here’s my pistol. guess I’ll defend my family with my fists?”

And then, there’s the whole intent behind the second amendment. It wasn’t put in place so that we could go hunt deer. It was put there to ensure that, should the government go haywire, the citizens could take back control. The second amendment was put in the Bill of Rights (I know this goes without saying.) And the Bill of Rights was primarily concerned with what the government can’t do to you because the British government had really taken advantage of the weaker American colonies. “No more” our forefathers said, and started talking with their weapons when the British didn’t listen to their words.

I assure you that, should our government  throw down that last straw, our right to assemble would be meaningless and dangerous without the protection that the second amendment has afforded us for over 200 years.




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