I was on the radio today!

Today I had a radio interview on “Time out with Phillip Silverstone,” by the man himself! If you caught it, you were one of at least 250,000 other listeners. No, I don’t know how they know how many people listen, but even if they’re overestimating, more people listened to me today than you! I can now say that I’ve bent the same ear as actors Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, among other films), Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods) Peter Lord (director and creator of The Pirates: Band of Misfits), to name a few.

So, yeah, we talked about my book titled, as you already know, For the Love of God! A memoir of Army Basic Training? The interview went well thanks to Phill not asking questions that I would undoubtedly stumble over and make myself sound like the real Forrest Gump.
If you missed the show, have a look and a listen at The Silverstone Collection

And please, tell Phill thanks for interviewing me in the comment section. Maybe he’ll have me on again!

2 Responses to “I was on the radio today!”
  1. Phill S says:

    Damon YOU made me look good today…a lot of people told me how much they enjoyed our chat…we must do it again…you are a star and you rock!


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