For the Love of God! A memoir of Army Basic Training? is PUBLISHED!!!

The time has finally arrived! My first book is published, and widely available! People have asked me “aren’t you so excited?” In a word, yes, but not quite like you would think. Or like I would have thought. I’m independently published. All books are starting to head this way. Soon enough, few, if any books will be published the traditional way. The advent of POD (print on demand) publishing has made it very easy for authors to publish their own work without giving away a great portion of their royalties to a large company. The royalties for indie-published authors are somewhere around twice as much as those from a large publisher like, say, Random House, or Penguin.

But it comes at a price. With a large publisher, an author can rest a little more easily as their agents, publicist’s and marketers sell their books for them. Not so with independent publishing; all the marketing is left up to the author. And, unfortunately, indie books are notorious for being of poor quality. Poor quality in the way of editing, story telling, basically, everything that can be bad about a book can be found in independently published books. And that creates a problem for authors who have really put their hearts into writing and publishing a book worth paying money for. Major book stores simply will not stock POD/indie books because there is no quality control for them. Mine may be great, but the previous 1,999 were crap, so why even take the risk? And now I, an indie-published author, am left wondering exactly how the hell am I going to sell this thing?

And this is why I’m excited, but certainly not counting my eggs before they hatch. Anyone can publish a book nowadays, so the real test is whether your book sells. In essence, it’s not so much that you need to be able to write a good book, but that you need to be able to sell it. And that’s the point I’m at. How do I create a buzz? How do I get people to talk about it? How do I even get people to know about it? Excited, yes, proud, yes, daunted, absolutely.

4 Responses to “For the Love of God! A memoir of Army Basic Training? is PUBLISHED!!!”
  1. Damon says:

    Consider me your publicist in the Midwest! I will force-feed this book to everyone I know. I always said you were no good to me unless you were famous….I shall make it so!


  2. Dawn says:

    Very happy and proud of you. I will do what I can to get the word out. I have posted on fb, and sent to all my contacts via email. Good Luck. I love you very much!!


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