Black Friday shopping?

Is this what we’re all about, America? Sadly, I think the answer is “yes.” These people are fighting over bedsheets.

What does this mean? Where is the dignity in this? Do we shop in those circumstances because we’re that poor that we need to save money that badly? The fact is that the best deals, the “door busters” are so limited that virtually 0 people get them. But people are fighting, trampling, and spraying one another with pepper spray in order to buy things they probably don’t need.

What concerns me most is not the crowds or the fighting. It’s the mindless consumerism that drives the whole thing. “Buy buy buy.”And then people wonder why they can’t pay their bills. The reason is because you believed them when they said you’d save money by buying when their shit is the cheapest, whether you could afford it, or not. Whether you needed it, or not. Whether the person you’re buying it for needed it, or not. Whether it has value, or not. People buy shit just because it’s cheap. We just want to want, and the result is consumerism, debt, and getting pepper sprayed in your eyeball just as you’re about to grab that 40” TV priced at seventy five dollars. You’re all like kids whacking a piñata. You have to break something for the candy to come out, and when it’s all over the ground, you fight one another to grovel through the dirt to get something that’s not good for you, and will last only a short time. Meanwhile there’s a blindfolded fool with a baseball bat, swinging wildly about.


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