Humanity, Love

This is a short documentary about a man who has to put his dog down. I’ll tell you, if you watch it it’ll fuck you up. What’s so moving about this isn’t that a cool dog dies, but the reaction of his owner. “I want to be the man, I wanna be “I can just put this dog down,” and John Wayne it. It’s not me, man. I’m not that tough, man, really I’m a soft dude, I’m really a sensitive dude, come to find out. The older I get, the more sensitive I get, man, and thank God.”
This guy looks like a man’s man. He’s got tattoos, and looks all masculine, but when something important happens, something really important, we so easily throw away our ego’s, the identities we’ve created, and we’re human.
To be very open here, in the past, especially as a young man (you know, early twenties) I’d look at other guys and always see them as competition, enemy, someone else. Usually it would be at a time I had been dumped and I would be thinking about another guy with my ex girlfriend. Always, I thought of them as someone else who was better than me, or wasn’t like me, or would look at me as if to say “I got her now, you little bitch.”
But if I looked at them like I looked at myself, and was honest about it, maybe that guy was as sensitive as I. Maybe he’s as insecure as me. In fact, maybe he finds himself very lucky to be with her. Maybe, he’s human, just like me. Of course he is. Even if he doesn’t act like it. Even if he has tattoos and exudes masculinity. He, too, would cry if his dog dies.
Humanity isn’t ubiquitous until you look for it.

3 Responses to “Humanity, Love”
  1. wdharvey11 says:

    I don’t know…but the dog looked like it was healthy, other than the missing leg. The guy never said how old the dog was. All that aside, did you see “Marley and Me”? If you think this short moved you, you should see that movie…excellent, if you want a tear-jerker…


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