Now published!

Hello all!

I’m pleased to inform you that I am now officially a published author! You may have read the “Business as Unusual” trailer here on my blog, but now it is available at Smashwords for purchase under the title “One Man’s Junk. Granted, all of you loyal followers of my blog have, undoubtedly, read this short story, but if you’d like to see it in true, published form, with a book cover, you can download it for $.99 at Smashwords is an ebook publisher that aggregates manuscripts out to almost all ebook retailers such as Kindle, Nook, etc. It’s better for me, though, if you download it from Smashwords because I get realtime sales updates.

I published this short story in order to learn the process os ebook publishing, and I must say that I’ve learned a ton! Also, more importantly, this will be great marketing for when I publish For the Love of God! I’m aiming to establish a platform of readers so that when FTLOG “drops” my sales will go through the roof.

So, if you’ve already read Business as Unusual, and you liked it, please let someone know where they can purchase it. I’ll be your best friend for a day! Thanks, friends! (not best ones yet, though.)


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