Hi, my name is Damon. I’m currently living in Pennsylvania. I’ll be honest, here. The purpose for this blog is to create a following of readers from which I will develop a “platform,” as you guys are called in the business. In laymen’s terms, it’s people who like to read what I write. I’m a writer who spends most of his time doing construction. But that’s going to change.

I’m going to begin posting my book titled For The Love Of God! in increments of around 1,500 words. I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading it! Here is the synopsis:

For The Love of God! is a hilarious, romantic, horrifying and uncomfortably honest leap into the depths of human struggle, heartbreak and disillusionment that we call life, wrapped up in camouflage and bizarre acts of piety.

This is a  75,000 word memoir about Private Ortt, a bible-thumping kid who joins the Army without a clue, told from a humorous and secular perspective. The story winds its way through issuing facilities and haircuts until “Shipment Day,” where all of the boy’s preconceived notions are gone as soon as the door of the cattle truck slams shut. The religious zealot temporarily leaves behind his soulmate, Olivia, for Basic Training with a bag of small aluminum crosses and religious pamphlets. He quickly learns that he should have left them at home. As he struggles through basic rifle marksmanship and “mass punishment,” he learns that Olivia, who brought him into Christianity, begins to waver in her beliefs and converts to a form of Judaism. She says that God wants her to be single, thereby putting the relationship on the rocks. The boy is distraught and wants to crawl into a corner and cry but must hide his tears and continue his training in the testosterone-drenched school of combat.

I am going to post once or twice per week. If you enjoy what you read, please subscribe so that I can show agents and publishers that this book is marketable.

One last thing – all the material on this page is original, and is the sole intellectual property of Damon Ortt. Don’t steal it. Sorry for having to say that. My legal advisors advised me to advise you that it’s inadvisable to claim authorship of this material.



3 Responses to “HI, MY NAME IS DAMON”
  1. roman says:

    good stuff!


  2. jen says:

    I will totally jump on board Mr Ortt.
    Looking forward to reading your story!


  3. Laura says:

    Can’t wait to see it in print, Meathead! 🙂


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