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We need a new theme in life.

At my current age of 36, I find myself thinking about what may be said in the history books of the time I lived. I don’t mean my personal life, but the time frame it which I’ve lived it. For example, the forties were marked by “the greatest generation” and the second world war. The mid 19th … Continue reading

On Ferguson

I’m guilty of idealism. I presumed that racism was a thing that stood on the margins of our society. Now, with the events in Ferguson MO, I see that I was wrong. People who are close to me post things on Facebook that make this apparent. The problem is that they think they’re just being … Continue reading

A Wish List

Do you ever wish you were as good at being kind as you are at being mean? Do you ever wish you were as good at being fair as you are at being judgmental? Do you ever wish you were as good at being sincere as you are at being sarcastic? Do you ever wish … Continue reading

For the Love of God! now has a book trailer!

Thanks to a random set of circumstances that brought these actors together, we were able to create a video trailer for the book. You’re gonna love it. Seriously. Who doesn’t love a private getting smoked? Who doesn’t love a cruel Drill Sergeant screaming on the face of the innocent? Thumbs up, thumbs down, or comment … Continue reading

For the Love of God! now in college?

Many authors, ok, ok, all authors can say they’ve sold more books than me. But! Not many of them can say an academic paper has been written about their book. Allison Velez, a student at West Chester University, did For the Love of God! a great honor by completing a literary analysis on the book. … Continue reading

The problem scientists face. Oh contrare, Mr. Dawkins

 I cringe when I hear people say “evolution is just a “theory.” There is a clear misunderstanding of what “theory” means among many. In every day life, we consider a theory as nothing more than an idea, a guess, but that’s not at all what is meant by “the theory of evolution.” This is a … Continue reading

How many people have been killed in the name of religion?

I tend to keep my eye on the climate of debate between the religious and atheists, many of whom take science as their “belief,” and what I often hear coming from the atheist camp is “how many people have been killed in the name of religion?” It’s a valid point. The crusades killed a whole … Continue reading

Can you pay off karma in advance?

I write this from my phone while in bed because its just too dangerous to go to the computer. I swear, I’m normally a pretty graceful person, but let me tell you about Thursday night, and Sunday night. Thursday, as I was getting ready for bed in a shelter on the Appalachian Trail, I realized … Continue reading

Gun Control, sure. Gun ban? Hell no!

I’ve decided to weigh in on the gun control debate. I just watched a video on CNN.com with two gun owners debating the issue. The debate has gained new steam due to the Aurora, CO shooting, and everyone is up in arms, (like that pun?) about their beliefs with new fervor. One of the men … Continue reading

I was on the radio today!

Today I had a radio interview on “Time out with Phillip Silverstone,” by the man himself! If you caught it, you were one of at least 250,000 other listeners. No, I don’t know how they know how many people listen, but even if they’re overestimating, more people listened to me today than you! I can … Continue reading